Participating Agencies and Organizations

  • Project NOAH
    - Through Web GIS, Surge and Landslide components
    - Provision of the Climate Change Projection for the Philippines
    - Regional climate downscaling
  • IRRI
    The facility is utilized by two (2) research groups:
    - Grain Quality and Nutrition Center
    - T.T. Chang Genetic Resource Center (3,000 Rice Genomes Project)
  • UP - Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology
    The following projects run various applications and/or store data in the ASTI facility:
    - Fishing Maps Using Space Technology (FishMUST)
    - Drought and Crop Assessment and Forecasting (DCAF)
    - Project 5: Remote Sensing Product Development for the Philippine Microsatellite
    - Calibration of WRF parameterization schemes in dynamic downscaling of climate model
    - Impacts of variational data assimilation of dual-polarization Tagaytay C band radar on short-term prediction of heavy rainfall over Metropolitan Manila, Philippines during Southwest monsoon season
  • UP - DGE and TCAGP
    - Project Climate Twin Phoenix - Pablo (former project was Project Rebuild)
  • UP - Institute of Chemistry
    - Accessible Detection of Dengue Using BioMEMS and MIP Materials
    - In Silico Protein Engineering of Industrially Relevant Pseudomonas aeruginosa Lipase
    - An Insight into the Manno Binding Site of Pandanin
    - Molecular Dynamics Study on Proline to Alanine Mutation in a Phytase Derived from Hafnia alvei
  • UP MSI
    - In silico characterization of conopeptides using molecular dynamics simulation and molecular docking
    - Establishment of a Deep Sea Resources Data Center
    - Phil LiDAR 1 Data Archiving and Distribution Component
  • UP Manila College of Arts and Sciences
    - Classification of Lung Adenocarcinoma Using Optimized Support Vector Machine Applied to Gene Expression Data
  • UP Diliman (Graduate and undergraduate researches)
    - Construction of Potential Energy Hypersurfaces Through Ab Initio Methods: Application to Protein Structure Prediction
    - Wind Resource Assessment Using MMS Numerical Weather Prediction Model
    - Evolution of an Erde-Remy Network driven by Agent Diversity
    - Rainfall estimation using WRF
    - Experimental Simulations on Anthropogenic Aerosol Effect to Landfalling Tropical Cyclone on Philippine Coast: A Virtual Seeding Using WRF-CHEM Model
  • IBM
    - Smarter Agriculture Project
  • De La Salle University
    - Understanding Metromanila Traffic
  • Ateneo de Manila University
    - Project 5 (Data Integration and Visualization for Sensor Output for Mine Site Monitoring)
    - RNA-RNA Interactions in Viral Pathogenesis (Biology Department)
    - Biodiversity Unit

Upcoming Collaborations