Apply for Access and Resources: Process

I. Determine the service/s you will avail

  • HPC Service
    • This service is for you if you are a student or a researcher who:
    • has high requirements for high-performance computing;
    • needs to process data using various applications; and
    • needs to perform large scale calculations;
    • NOTE: Once you are granted access to the HPC cluster, a 20TB storage (10TB in scratch1 and 10TB in scratch2) for raw, active and output data is automatically provisioned to your account. Also, a 100 GB storage space is allocated in your home directory.
  • Storage Service
    • You may avail this service if you are a student or a researcher who needs to store large amount of data (GB to TB), which data is accessible to the public.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: There is no need to apply for this service if the data you need to store will be used only for your HPC run. You will automatically be allocated with 20TB storage for these types of data and 100GB in your home directory.
  • Cloud Service
    • This service is for students and researchers who require a Virtual Machine (VM) for the ff. purposes:
    • website hosting
    • file storage and sharing;
    • file backup;
    • cloud computing;
    • cloud database;
    • cloud-based email services; and
    • test and development.
  • Other Services
    • Consultancy
    • Porting and Software Installation
    • Server Colocation

II. Accomplish the Service Request Form

Go to the link and accomplish the online form:

III. Assessment of Application

Upon submission of your accomplished form and endorsement letter, an email will be sent to acknowledge receipt of application form and letter. Your application will be evaluated for 3 working days.

If the resources you requested are too big or insufficient for your research's requirement, we will help you align your needs with the appropriate services and resources.

IV. Provision of Credentials

Once application is approved, necessary credentials will be given to you. From here, you can now access the COARE facility.

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