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We provide strategic consultancy on the following areas:

  • Data Management (Protocols and tools to use on data management)
    • Copy/ transfer of files
    • Compression of data
    • Backup files
    • Securing data
  • Job management (Best ways in managing your jobs)
    • Allocation of resources
    • Scripting
    • Scheduling
    • Compiling programs
  • Network Connectivity
  • Technical Specifications of Network and System Equipment

Porting and Software Installation

We can help you install portable (can work in any platform, either Windows, Mac or UNIX) and non-portable software/applications in your environment. Just provide us with the name and version of the software and the URL where we can download it. If the software requires a licence, you will be asked to provide it.

Also, if you wish your applications be compiled, just let the technical team know about this and they can do it for you.

Server Colocation

We also offer colocation service. The CoARE facility can accommodate your servers, repositories and other networking equipment to provide:
  • Security;
  • Adequate power (including hot-standby backup power);
  • High-speed network;
  • Fire suppression; and
  • Cooling facilities

How to Avail

To avail one of these services, just send an email to CoARE team () indicating the service you want to avail and reason why you need it.

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