Forums is one features of Redmine that allows users to open discussions with other users. This feature serves as a platform for you to communicate with each other. You can discuss your experiences while using the ASTI facility, thoughts on the most efficient ways to use the facility, problems encountered while using the facility, solutions to issues and many more. Once a forum is created, other users can throw their comments, questions or suggestions related to the one you created.

A fixed list of forum categories were already determined. The categories are divided into four:

  • HPC - Discuss with other users the problems you encountered while managing (submit, schedule, run or delete) your jobs. In this forum category, you can also discuss any topic about HPC.
  • Storage - Do you have questions on storing your data? On ASTI storage? Start discussing them in this category.
  • Cloud - Your questions about ASTI cloud, or the cloud in general, can be answered by other facility users.
  • Open Discussion - General discussions. Any topic that does not fall under the first three (3) forum categories.


Here are the steps you need to follow to start a forum:

  1. Choose a category among the list
  2. Click New message
  3. Type the title of your message in the Subject field
  4. Leave a comment in the next box
  5. Click Create


  • Once a forum is created, other users can throw questions and suggestions related to the created forum. Hit Reply to do this.
  • You can add Tags to the forum you created. This can help others search it. All you need to do is type the keywords of your topic.

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