Default Allocation

The CoARE Project offers three major services, namely HPC, Storage and Science Cloud Service. A default allocation per service is already set to ensure that CoARE facility resources will be fairly distributed to users.


  • For HPC, each user is allocated with the following resources:
    CPU cores                :   240 cores 
    Storage (/home)          :   100 GB
    Storage (/scratch 1)     :   10 TB
    Storage (/scratch 2)     :   10 TB
    CPU hours                :   2,000 hours 
    # of files per /scratch  :   Up to 1,000,000 files
  • Note:
    - All users should be informed that if their accounts expired, all files in /scratch that will not be removed after 30 working days will be deleted permanently.
    - The scratch space should not be used as a long term storage for your files. If you wish to store your files for a longer time, you may store it in home

Storage / iRODS

  • For Storage/iRODS, a user is allocated with 5 TB storage resources, where he/she will archive his/her environmental and/or geospatial data. Take note that this is different from the HPC's /home, /scracth1 and /scratch 2 storage.
    Storage size             :   5 TB

Science Cloud

  • Resources that will be allocated to users for this service are the following: 4 cores, 12 GB for memory and 500 GB for storage.
    CPU cores                :   2 cores
    Memory                   :   4 RAM
    Disk                     :   40 GB