Redmine User Guide


CoARE project members use Redmine as a ticketing tool to manage and track tickets. Redmine is a web-based project management and issue tracking tool that allows users to easily monitor their projects.

More information about Redmine at

This tool is also intended to be utilized by the project's stakeholders. Collaborators of the CoARE project are encouraged to create a ticket to report problems they encounter while using the ASTI facility. They can also use other features of Redmine:

  • Calendar - To see all created tickets in a monthly view
  • News - Be updated on the latest news about our project by visiting this feature
  • Wiki - One of the main features of Redmine where users can view information about the project, instructions how to apply for access, guide how to use the facility and other relevant information about the CoARE project
  • Forums - Allow users to open a discussion with project members and stakeholders
  • Files - Where project-related files can be downloaded and uploaded
  • Contacts - A module that enables users to add and view contact information of other stakeholders

How to have access

     1. Apply for a Redmine account (contact CoARE team at )

 Note: Please provide your preferred LOGIN NAME, FULL NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS 

     2. Wait for your Redmine credentials to be given by the team

     3. Sign in to

 Note: Change your password at first log in 

Issue reporting

A ticket is an official notice about an issue, problem or advisory reported to the CoARE team

                                     Example # 1:

                                     Example # 2:

A. Creating a ticket

  1. Click New Issue
  2. Choose your Tracker
    • Bug – to report technical errors and problems
    • Feature – to introduce or recommend new topic/ issue
    • Support – for non-technical support
  3. Type your Subject or title of your ticket
    Note: First word of your subject should be a VERB. This is to easily identify the purpose of your ticket (e.g. Install application for CoARE project)
  4. Insert a description about your ticket. If you have specific instructions for your ticket, you can also type them here.
  5. Choose New as your ticket’s Status
  6. Select level of Priority
  7. Choose Assignee for your ticket
    • CoARE Technical : For tickets about technical issues
    • CoARE Admin : For tickets about non-technical issues
    • CoARE Team : Other issues
  8. The Choose File option will let you upload files related to your ticket
  9. Check the small boxes beside each name to select Watchers of your ticket
    • All selected watchers will be notified through email for any update about your ticket
  10. Make your ticket private (Optional)
    • Only you, watchers, assignee and administrators will see your ticket
  11. Click Create to submit your ticket
  12. Select Create and Continue to submit your ticket and create another ticket

B. Updating a ticket

  • Parent task, Start/ Due Date, Estimated Time and % Done will be filled out by the assignee
  • Status and % Done will be updated by the assignee
  • You can leave a comment to communicate with the persons involved in the issue, explain further your problem, give instructions, etc. Just click the edit button then type your comment
  • Once an issue is resolved, the assignee will close the ticket.
     Note: Closed tickets are not visible to Stakeholders 

C. Deleting a ticket

Would you wish to delete the ticket you created, follow these steps:

  1. Open the ticket you want to delete
  2. Click the delete button on the upper right corner of your screen

NOTE: You can only delete the tickets you created.

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