One of our goals is to involve CoARE facility stakeholders in the development of the CoARE project. One way to do this is to let stakeholders contribute to our Wiki, specifically on our blog page. The blog page will contain all entries submitted from stakeholders who are willing to contribute. Blog entry topics can be anything about HPC, Storage, Cloud, your project/ research and other related topics that you want to share. It can be about the processes you do in running jobs, specific applications you use to run jobs, tips on writing scripts, or any experience/ knowledge about your research that involves the ASTI facility.

Our main reason for doing this is to encourage knowledge sharing among our stakeholders. Knowledge sharing might not only benefit the readers, but might also benefit the writer. Through the blog entries, other stakeholders might find helpful tips and other methods that can make them work on the facility a lot easier. From the submitted entries, they might also discover projects/ researches of other stakeholders that compliment their projects. We believe that knowledge sharing can also be a platform to forge collaborations among stakeholders.

For interested parties, view the instructions how to submit your entries.


Sharing your knowledge in the form of blog is easy. Here are the three simple steps on how to do this:

  1. Write your entry in any office tool you prefer.
  2. Submit it to our team via email at . In your email, kindly write a short description about your entry.
  3. We will review your blog entry, then we will inform you once it is up on the blog page!


  • You are allowed to submit as many entries as you want
  • Providing visual aids (such as images, drawings, screen captures, illustrations and graphs) and examples can make your entry more comprehensible
  • In writing your blog, let us assume that all readers have basic knowledge on command line operations
  • All blog authors will be duly acknowledged

Blog Entries

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